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The idea to create and sell petite-size women’s shoes grew out of my own personal challenge in finding shoes for my small, size-32 feet. I was forever forced to buy shoes a bit larger than my feet and that I later had to adapt using insoles and thick socks. Despite my best efforts, some models still proved impossible to use.

After living in Europe for three years, I realized that no country actually offered shoes for we small-footed customers in such dire need. And thus Ftérna was born.

Years of experience as a businesswoman in the retail market, working together with my family, provided me with the wherewithal to create this website especially for you.

Today our store offers a variety of types and models of women’s shoes in sizes 30 to 34. Our high quality, tasteful shoes are affordable for all women who wish to finally fit into any shoe they desire.

We are proud that our business has grown steadily since we started seven years ago and that we have been improving the self-esteem and making dreams come true for every woman who tries on our products.

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